Layering and texture get an important part in my play with contradictions such as smooth next to texture, shine against matt, open to closed, wide next to narrow, fine next to raw…
I used sgraffito, porcelain slip, chamotte, the imprint of leaves and other materials- such as rice grains- to give the almost leather-hard skin a texture. After the bisque fire at 980º I again work the body with manganese oxide or a slip before glazing. A multi tone on tone color image arises by adding the glaze in layers and partly scratching it off by using a knife or a rib.
The single or double layers of glaze, smoothly and thinly sprayed or unevenly dipped determine a matt or shiny finish and an even or uneven look. An essential part of the experiment was to try the same techniques and glazes on several kinds of clay and firing temperatures, because of which totally different impressions and results come about. The oxides in the black and gray firing clay provide a lively and surprising effect in the glazes.